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Avaya LAN/WAN Data Networking and Security

Next Gen Data Networking to Improve

Speed, Reduce Admin, and Reduce Costs!

Video:  Leading competitors charge a lot and are stuck in technologies from 15 years ago. Learn how Avaya Networking stacks up!   

Reaching a vision of a truly plug and play data network is difficult.  Newer technologies like VoIP, video, and BYOD are changing the way we look at our networks.

Avaya’s Data Networking Strategy is built upon on a “Fit for Purpose Network” meaning that you spend money where and when it’s needed.

As more real-time applications like voice and video compete with business critical applications it is becoming critical that networks follow rules.  

Avaya delivers some of the most advanced technologies available allowing you to build a dependable, always on, and  always available network.  (Your choice of application!)

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Avaya Fit for Purpose Networking

Avaya 3500 Series Ethernet Networking

Avaya 4000 Series Ethernet Networking

Avaya Identity Engines Simplifying Secure Access

Avaya Data Networking Fact Sheet

Avaya Data Networking Checklist

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