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We sell, service, and provide managed services for telephone systems, data networking equipment, and unified communications.  

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Existing / Legacy Telephone Systems

C Technology offers support, repairs, and additions for some of the most popular legacy telephone systems ever sold! We support the following legacy systems:

Although most of these systems are 10-20 years old, C Technology also offers upgrades to the Avaya IP Office which allows you to reuse your existing telephones!  This allows you to save as much as 40% on the cost of a new system.


Small Mid-Sized Key Telephone Systems

C Technology does not support large legacy PBX systems but we do offer easy and cost efficient upgrades.  We often find that legacy PBX customers can upgrade to a new system with new features and capabilities and reduce their costs while drastically improving performance!  

The Avaya IP Office Server Edition is capable of handling up to 2,000 stations across 32 sites fully networked.  Additional stations and sites may be added depending upon specific details and your network.

Customers that upgrade can reduce costs by reusing existing telephone devices and significantly reducing maintenance and repair costs.  

Additionally, new features and capabilities will make you a hero with your staff.


Large PBX Telephone Systems

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